The 6284 Series Modern Handrail is a contemporary offering from House of Forgings, designed to add a touch of modern elegance to staircases while ensuring a comfortable grip and adherence to building code regulations. This series is characterized by its sleek design and functional attributes, making it a suitable choice for a wide range of modern interior spaces.

With a uniform profile measuring 2-1/4 inches both in width and height, the 6284 handrail provides a symmetrical and streamlined appearance, ideal for contemporary stair designs. This balanced dimensioning not only contributes to its modern aesthetic but also offers a secure and comfortable grip, which is crucial for stairway safety and usability.

The 6284 Series Modern Handrail is available in lengths of 16 feet, accommodating larger staircase projects or installations where longer, uninterrupted handrail sections are preferred. Crafted in solid wood, it offers durability and a premium finish, essential for maintaining its appearance over time.

Currently, the series is available in two popular wood types: red oak, known for its warm and traditional look, and white oak, offering a more neutral and versatile finish. These options allow for customization to match various interior design themes and color schemes.

The 6284 Series Modern Handrail from House of Forgings stands out for its combination of modern design, ergonomic functionality, and high-quality construction, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a contemporary touch in their staircase installations.

6284 Handrail Measurements

2-3/8″ tall
2-1/4″ wide