6484 Modern Wood Handrail – 2-1/4″ x 2-1/4″


The 6484 Series Modern Handrail is a distinct offering exclusive to House of Forgings, designed to bring a modern and sleek aesthetic to staircases while ensuring a comfortable and secure grip. This series is a testament to the fusion of contemporary design with functionality, aligning with the needs of modern architectural styles.

The 6484 modern handrail profile features a symmetrical design, measuring 2-1/4 inches in both width and height. This balanced dimensioning provides a comfortable grip area, crucial for stairway safety and usability. Its size and shape cater to both aesthetic appeal and ergonomic functionality, making it a preferred choice for a variety of modern interior spaces.

This handrail is crafted as a straight, solid wood piece, offering strength and durability. It is available exclusively in two wood types: red oak and white oak. The red oak option presents a classic and warm feel, ideal for spaces that require a touch of traditional warmth within a modern design. In contrast, the white oak variant offers a more neutral and versatile appearance, fitting seamlessly into a wide range of contemporary decor themes.

Offered in 16 ft lengths, the 6484 Series is particularly suitable for larger projects or installations where longer handrail sections are required without joints or interruptions.

The 6484 Series Modern Handrail is a prime example of House of Forgings’ commitment to combining modern aesthetics with practical design, offering a handrail that is both visually striking and functionally superior.

6484 Straight Handrail Measurements

  • 2-1/4″ tall
  • 2-1/4″ wide on top

Available in the following construction styles and lengths:

  • Red Oak – 16 ft.
  • White Oak – 16 ft.

Also available in wood species and sizes not listed here via custom order from our Amish woodmill partners.

Additional information

Weight 24 lbs