The Bending 6002 Series Rectangular Modern Wood Handrail is specially crafted for use in curved staircase installations, maintaining the aesthetic and features of the standard 6002 series while adding the flexibility required for curved designs. This handrail is a fitting choice for modern staircases and is particularly well-suited for use with cable railing systems in curved settings.

This version of the 6002 handrail is constructed in multiple slices, enabling it to be bent to follow the radius of curved stairs. This feature is essential for custom staircase projects that require a handrail to conform precisely to the unique contours of the stairway. The handrail measures 2-5/8 inches in width and 1-9/16 inches in height, retaining the sleek and minimalist profile that is characteristic of the 6002 series.

Each bending handrail is accompanied by side mouldings, which are crucial for protecting the handrail during the bending process. This addition ensures the handrail maintains its integrity and appearance throughout installation.

As with the straight version, customers are advised to check local building codes for compliance, particularly if the staircase project requires an inspection.

The Bending 6002 Series is available in various wood types, allowing for customization to match the specific design and aesthetic requirements of your project.

6002 Bending Handrail Measurements

  • 1-9/16″ tall
  • 2-5/8″ wide on top

Available in the following wood species and lengths:

  • Red Oak – 10, 14, 16, 18
  • White Oak – 16 & 20 ft.

Also available in wood species and sizes not listed here via custom order from our Amish woodmill partners.


Additional information

Weight 11.9998 lbs