The 6084 Modern Style Handrail, an original design by House of Forgings, is a testament to the fusion of contemporary elegance and practicality. This series is ideal for modern stairway designs, especially when paired with iron balusters or cable railings. Its compliance with building code standards makes it a reliable choice for a variety of projects.

Featuring a unique dimensional profile, the 6084 handrail measures 1-3/4 inches wide at the bottom and expands to 2-5/8 inches at the top, with a height of 1-5/8 inches. This design not only enhances the modern look of staircases but also ensures a comfortable and secure grip. The handrail’s versatility is further highlighted in its bending version, specifically crafted for curved staircases. This flexibility allows the 6084 series to seamlessly adapt to both straight and curved stair configurations.

The bending 6084 handrail is equipped with side mouldings, essential for maintaining the handrail’s form and finish during the bending process. Available in various wood types and lengths, the 6084 Series offers options to match the specific aesthetic and functional needs of different spaces.

Whether for residential or commercial use, the 6084 Modern Style Handrail from House of Forgings stands out for its distinctive design, ergonomic comfort, and adaptability, making it a preferred choice for contemporary staircase installations.

6084 Handrail Measurements

1-5/8″ tall
2-5/8″ wide on top
1-3/4″ wide on bottom