Stair Anatomy Guide

Our updated stair anatomy guide is a great tool to help you navigate the many components and parts involved in a typical staircase and balcony. Use this handy visual reference as a sales tool when explaining components to your customers or as a training tool for new employees. The full four page guide features: Stair [...]

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Video How-To Guides – Stair Artist Design Tool & Stair Design Booklet

In this video we will walk you through using our stair artist tool on Stair Artist Design Tool: We will begin covering a broad range of stair related topics in our new Video Guide Series on our site and YouTube channel. View the first of the series here with short video guides to [...]

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RetroFit Tread & Riser Kits help transform a dated staircase

This week we feature a sleek modern stair remodel highlighting one of our best new products, RetroFit tread & riser kits. RetroFit treads and risers are uniquely designed to replace traditionally used carpet and padding. As opposed to purchasing riser and cove materials on their own, this kit provides all materials needed for plain (closed [...]

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Staircase Inspiration-Then and Now

Draw inspiration from the past and find solutions for your ideal staircase with products from the present. Many designs and styles are timeless and continue to inspire generation after generation in both new home construction and remodel projects. It is said that what is old often becomes new again, which is true but with a [...]

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Staircase Designs: Interior Design Styles Booklet

The new Staircase Designs Booklet from House of Forgings features 80 stair patterns/designs featuring our most popular in-stock parts. Today's homeowners prefer to browse and shop for home products based on their own style preferences. Each section of this booklet exhibits popular interior design styles and a range of options intended to aid in envisioning [...]

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The Plain Bar: A baluster for any style

From Old World to Craftsman to Modern, the plain baluster is a truly remarkable stair component. No matter round or square, the simplicity of the repeating plain bar has a soothing quality that is inviting, elegant and affordable. Consider the cost savings can be as much as 60% compared to more ornate profiles the plain [...]

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Get the Modern Fabricated Railing “look” for less $$$

Modern and contemporary staircase designs are in high demand! With popular designs including horizontal tubing, flat bar and a range of geometric shapes; a common way to achieve this has been fully fabricated iron railings. However, a fully fabricated staircase can cost time and money. Aalto Collection panels from House of Forgings are an innovative [...]

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Wood & Stainless Steel Cable Strikes a Balance Outdoors

Juxtapose wood and stainless steel cable railing for expansive views and unparalleled style. Pressure treated lumber for decking and balconies are readily available and priced for any budget. Cable Railing kits are comprised of exterior grade stainless for versatility and class. Combine the two and you have an ideal choice for functional style on any [...]

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New House of Forgings App for Android & Apple

Now available in the Google Play App Store and in Apple Itunes the brand new House of Forgings app is packed with useful features. Designed to provide customers with total access to all product information, support tools and more, the easy to use features allow you to use your tablet, ipad or phone as a valuable [...]

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