The 6210 Series Wide Colonial Handrail is designed for those seeking a more substantial presence in their staircase design, particularly complementing larger staircases with substantial newel posts like box newels. This series extends the classic Colonial profile, offering a wider handrail that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical for larger spaces.

Each handrail in the 6210 Series is crafted with precision, ensuring a high-quality finish free from knots and defects. The wider profile not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides a comfortable and secure grip, an important consideration in larger staircases. Ready for staining upon arrival, these handrails can be lightly sanded before staining to achieve the best possible finish.

The series also includes a bending version of the 6210 handrail, designed to accommodate the unique contours of curved staircases. This flexibility makes the 6210 Series suitable for a wide range of staircase designs, both straight and curved. The bending handrails come with side mouldings to protect the rail during the bending process, ensuring integrity and longevity.

Available in various wood types and lengths, the 6210 Series offers a degree of customization that allows for tailored solutions to meet specific design and functional requirements. Whether for residential or commercial projects, the 6210 Wide Colonial Series provides a robust, elegant handrail option, adaptable to both traditional and contemporary interiors.

6210 Handrail Measurements

2-3/8″ tall
2-5/8″ wide on top
2″ wide on bottom