The 6010 Colonial Series Wood Handrail is a widely recognized choice in the stair parts industry, known for its classic Colonial or slim style profile. This series has earned its reputation as a preferred option among top builders across the nation, demonstrating its versatility in both residential and commercial stair installations.

Crafted to ensure a high level of quality, each 6010 handrail is meticulously produced to be free of knots and defects, thus guaranteeing a consistent and premium finish. Upon arrival, these handrails are ready for staining, although a light sanding is recommended to remove any residual debris from installation, ensuring the best possible finish.

In terms of customization, the 6010 Series offers an array of wood species, lengths, and construction styles, allowing for a tailored approach to each unique staircase project. Furthermore, the series includes a comprehensive range of handrail fittings, making it compatible with a variety of stair configurations.

Whether for small-scale projects or larger developments, the 6010 Colonial Series Wood Handrail provides flexible purchasing options, accommodating orders as small as a single piece or as large as truckload quantities. This series stands out for its combination of traditional aesthetics, robust functionality, and adaptable design, making it a timeless addition to any staircase.

6010 Handrail Measurements

2-3/8″ tall
2-1/4″ wide on top
1-1/2″ wide on bottom