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Stair Parts by House of Forgings

House of Forgings provides the highest quality stair parts, wrought iron balusters and wood stair components in the nation. Your staircase is the main focal point in your home and putting iron balusters in your stairs is the quickest and most valuable home addition you can make. A stair remodel can increase your home’s value by $15,000. House of Forgings is known in the stair industry for having the highest quality stair parts with the most unique powder coatings and faux finishes on their iron products.

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Iron Balusters

Iron Balusters &  Stair Parts

Iron Balusters & Stair Parts

Iron Balusters (also called pickets or spindles) are the single, vertical ‘rods’ that are used to fill in a staircase. Our sizes range from 1/2 inch square, 9/16 inch square, 5/8 inch square and 9/16 inch round. Our balusters all come in lengths of 44 inches with the ornaments shifted towards the top so you can cut the balusters to size from the bottom. Our balusters meet the industry standard specs for your typical stair installation.

Iron Newels

Wrought iron newels are the perfect compliment to your iron balusters. A newel functions as the stabilizer post in your stair system. Iron newels are secured into the ground with a newel mounting kit which uses bolts to attach securely to the surface. Iron newels come 1 inch to 1-3/16 inch round or square and are constructed of solid wrought iron. They come in lengths of 47 inches and have 5/8 inch round dowel tops for insertion into handrail fittings. Iron Newels come in the same finishes as our iron balusters and we typically have one or two newels per baluster family.

Iron Panels

Wrought Iron Panels are an excellent way to give your staircase an elegant and custom look. Iron panels can be custom fabricated to form your entire stair railing or you can sprinkle in a few scroll panels to give your stair rail a nice centerpiece.

Wood Stair Parts

House of Forgings also offers a very large selection of wood stair parts. We stock red oak, cherry, maple and poplar and we can special order exotic wood species such as brazilian cherry, hickory, mahogany and more. We carry wood handrails and handrail fittings, wood newels, wood box newels, wood stair treads, wood starter steps, wood landing treads, wood trim and other lumber supplies.

Handrails & Fittings

Our wood stair parts include wood handrail and wood fittings. We stock three styles of wooden handrail and the fittings to match. Our handrails are sold from 4 ft. up to 20 ft lengths. We have a wide variety of stair fittings that include returned end, opening cap, tandem cap, over easing, up easing, 90 degree up easing, start easing with cap, level quarter turn, level quarter turn with cap, left and right hand volutes, left and right hand turnouts, 2 rise straight gooseneck with and without cap, 2 rise right and left hand goosenecks with and without cap, 135 degree turns and we could produce a custom fitting upon request.

Wood Newels

Our wood stair parts include wood newels and box newels. We carry post-to-post, over-the-post and landing newels. We have a large variety of turning styles to choose from. All of our newels are made from solid wood.

Wood Stair Treads

Our wood stair parts also include wood stair treads and landing treads. We sell solid wood treads, not veneer. Our treads come in a large variety of sizes to fit any staircase and we can order special shapes upon request.

Exterior Stair Parts

New exterior products Coming Soon! Our Deckscape line has been discontinued

Stair Part Accessories

Our stair part accessories include baluster shoes, mounting kits, handrail wall brackets, touch-up paint, epoxy, epoxy guns, wood glue and mounting hardware.

House of Forgings is a national distributor of stair parts.

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