What’s your pitch?

What’s your pitch?

No, we’re not talking about your sales pitch! Let’s talk about your staircase pitch/angle. Whether you are framing out an entire stair or just installing treads, handrails and balusters, this critical measurement is the key to success. In this week’s blog we explore a number of related topics:

  • Panels- Can I use panels with my staircase?
  • Scrolls- How do steep or severe pitches effect the use of scrolls?
  • Aalto Balusters/Panels- These new 8″ wide single step panels are great, can I use these on both my rake and balcony?
  • Shoes- I need angled shoes for my staircase, what is their standard angle?

PANELS: Our iron panels are designed to work on stairs with a pitch/angle of up to 48-52 degrees. The Rebecca Series panels, shown below, have been used at the upper limit of steepness at 52 degrees. It is noted that most staircases range from 37-42 degrees.

Rebecca Panels

SCROLLS: House of Forgings offers various scroll sizes to accommodate many rail heights and angles. Our classic scrolls are available in two size options: Differing in a total scroll height of 6-1/8”, our smaller HF16.1.25-S scroll is often used on steeper staircases to allow for greater clearance, where our HF16.1.25 scroll is used on standard staircases in the home.

Scroll Options

AALTO/PANELS: Our Aalto Collection panels are available in both level profiles for balcony or angled profiles for rakes up to 45 degrees. These 8″ wide panels are perfect for use on a single tread or angled/closed rake staircases. It is noted the difference in design height between the Aalto level and rake panels is 8 inches. Depending on your balcony rail height, the smaller rake panels may be installed in place of the level panels if need be.

Aalto Panel-Rake

The new HF9.4.44 Aalto Panel is featured above. In stock Nov 30th, 2015!


SHOES: Standard angled shoes for use on closed rakes and under handrail are designed to be use on the industry standard 42 degree rake/pitch.


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