Base Shoes

Base Shoes for wrought iron balusters are used to create a finished look for your staircase and are also designed to save you time and money during installation. Quite often, gaps and imperfections can happen after you drill the holes to install your balusters. Base shoes are the perfect cover for these imperfections. Keep in mind that base shoes offer no structural support and are a purely decorative addition to your staircase project.

Benefits of using shoes in your staircase remodel:

  • Saves time! Drilling a round hole and using a shoe to hide the gaps is the preferred method by installers across the nation. Without shoes you would have to drill perfect round (or punch out perfect square) holes, greatly increasing the time and cost of installation.
  • Hides gaps and imperfections left over from drilling. Let’s face it, even the most skilled installer makes mistakes at times. Scrapes & damaged wood is common and sometimes unavoidable during staircase remodel and these shoes are the perfect cover up!
  • Gives a finished look. Using base shoes on bottom and top of your balusters creates a more finished look which is favored in most staircase installs.

Baluster Base Shoes