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Stair Parts Bulk Pricing Discounts

Here at House of Forgings, we stock thousands of products in 3 nationwide distribution centers to better serve you. Our large available inventories allow you to purchase your stair parts at once and at a volume discount. Ordering the minimum number of the same product saves you the maximum amount of time and money!

We offer bulk pricing discounts on full pallet quantities. See the chart below for some of our most common parts.

Bulk 255x170

Save 5% to 30% off

  • HFSTB 16.1.1-T – 750 quantity
  • HFSTB 16.1.2-T – 750 quantity
  • HFSTB 16.1.3-T – 350 quantity
  • HFSTB 16.1.4-T – 350 quantity
  • HFSTB 16.2.1-T – 750 quantity
  • RED OAK 6010-16 – 63 quantity

Call or email us now to get minimum quantity and your bulk price on all available parts.